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Oklahoma Bill would Nullify Common Core


Doug Tjaden

10th Amendment Center

While federal government control over education standards spiral further out of control with the implementation of “Common Core,” if states like Oklahoma have it their way, the proposed curriculum won’t be so common after all.

Oklahoma State Senator Eddie Fields has introduced legislation to stop the use of Common Core standards in the state,

Sen. Fields should know the challenges in educating children, having served for 14 years on the Wynona, Okla., school board before being elected to the state senate. He says he is concerned that Common Core will “mold every student the same”, and not account for special-needs students or for those who want to pursue a vocational track.

The purpose of SB 1146 is to forbid the state board of education from implementing “any curriculum standards or related assessments aligned with” Common Core.  The bill states in part:

“…the State Board of Education shall adopt revisions to the subject matter curriculum adopted by the State Board for English Language Arts and Mathematics as is ne



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