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Why Conservatives Are Wrong On Common Core


Michael Lotfi

10th Amendment Center

I was recently invited to speak at the Nashville, Tenn., rally against Common Core on the national protest day. What I told that audience is worth repeating.

Common Core is not wrong because of what it teaches (emphasis original).

Suppose for a moment that Ted Cruz had been POTUS for the last five years. Now, suppose President Cruz wants to push Common Core. However, instead of pushing Common Core with liberal values, President Cruz pushes Common Core with the following paradigms.

  • Every child in each state must be trained on how to use a rifle by the age of 10
  • Every child in each state must study only Austrian economics
  • Every child in each state must take mandatory bible study
  • Every child in each state must perform 100 hours of community service before graduating high schoolI provided my audience this same hypothetical situation at the rally. I then asked them, “Now then– instead of being at this rally opposing Common Core, would you all be here supporting Common Core, as the liberals would be on the opposite side of the picket line, or would you be just as furious?”

    Very few actually understood the illustration. A local journalist from NBC (who told me she opposed Common Core) was confused. She asked me, “Wait… Do you support Common Core, or are you against it?”





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