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Democrats Own Obamacare



Thanks to the high-profile efforts of Senators Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, and others, including the House majority, there is a stark contrast between the two major parties regarding Obamacare. One party is all-in for it, the other is indelibly etched in the public mind totally opposing it. Republicans would be foolish to change that, but even as Obamacare implodes, that’s just what some are calling on them to do.

Writing at Fox News, for instance, Peter Morici lays out the case for accepting Obamacare and trying to change it.

The wheels have come off Obamacare. Even the website will not be ready by December 1; two months after it was launched. On the political level, why would Republicans accept the failed Obamacare now, as Democrats scurry away, and when the reality of government delivery is daily making stronger the arguments for its full repeal?

Republicans should stop cheering for ObamaCare to fail. It may be dreadful, but going back to what we had before is not possible. The real political hay is to be made improving the law to lower prices and premiums — details Democrats forgot.

The political and policy ramifications of Obamacare are related, but Republicans do not oppose Obamacare simply on political grounds. Making “political hay” is secondary to preserving the liberty and economic well-being of Americans and avoiding out of control federal health spending.

The wheels have come off Obamacare. E


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