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Morsi Trial destined to lay bare Obama’s Muslim Brotherhood connections


Canada Free Press

Cairo, Egypt—Seems like President Barack Obama is taking on the role of Samson in the famous biblical story, bringing the temple down on everyone’s head after the collapse of his popularity and the exposure of his schemes to enable the extremists in Egypt.

After Obama’s defeat at the hands of Gen. Abdel Fattah al-Sisi and the Egyptians—which he still refuses to admit—Obama continues to punish Egypt and its army.

In Obama’s failure to avoid an economic crisis in America, how is it he has time for War Games in Egypt?

Obama should be truly worried about how the trail of ousted President Mohammad Morsi will lead to the truth coming out on his relationship with the Muslim Brotherhood and their common goals.
In fact, Obama’s latest reckless and non-calculated step could lose him a lot of friends and allies for America in the Middle East. He may not only lose Arab support but Israel’s as well, thanks to the announcement that the U.S. is freezing military and financial aid to Egypt.

U.S. aid to Egypt is not a gift or donation on a voluntary basis, but it’s a part of the peace agreement between Egypt and Israel, which was signed in 1979, and which stipulates that America gives to Egypt similar aid given to Israel, whether financially or militarily, and to maintain the military balance between the two countries, ensuring the continued commitment to that treaty. The Obama administration is now in breach of those essential terms. Egypt now has the right to retreat from the Convention, which could raise a lot of anger in Israel for Obama’s position, which stands against the interests of Israel and does not benefit the interests of either Egypt or America itself.



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    if “samson barry-o” is on a rampage, IMO, someone needs to give him a haircut!! [where’s delilah when we need her?!?]