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‘Bored?’ Teenage Murder Suspect James Edwards Appears to Be a Crip


Bryon Preston | PJ Media


In our first look at what may have motivated the three teens accused of murdering Australian baseball player Chris Lane, we looked at the Facebook and Twitter feeds of James “Lilbuggy” Edwards. His social network posts suggest strong interests in rap and gang culture, and enjoyment of violent behavior.

In fact, new evidence says he’s a Crip.

Lilkadda90 is one of Edwards’ rap associates. In the screencap above you can see Edwards request Lilkadda90 to post this photo on Facebook so he can tag it and make it his own wallpaper. That James Edwards is our James Edwards, the 15-year-old suspect in the murder of Chris Lane. He links the Twitter feeds “@Jamesakabug” in this profile, which was deleted late Tuesday night. It belongs to James Edwards. That Twitter feed also contains evidence that Edwards is a Crip: the frequent use of cc as seen above.

Here’s ……


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