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More Strange Happenings At the Zimmerman Trial

According to Zimmerman’s Defense Attorney the Prosecutor in George Zimmerman’s trial for allegedly not killing Martin in self defense has been sitting on evidence that might well exonerate Zimmerman,,


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If true, it’s illegal and a violation of Zimmerman’s right to a fair trial..  The Judge; Debra Nelson tried to side step the issue by more or less blaming the defense for not knowing the prosecution was hiding the evidence..


From Bob Owens at PJ Media

Disorder: Judge Recesses Zimmerman Trial, Excludes Damning Evidence

The State of Florida vs. George Zimmerman took a wild turn late Tuesday evening, as defense attorney Don West got in a heated conversation with Judge Debra Nelson just before 10:oo p.m. Nelson had just expressed her intent to block testimony and evidence recovered from deleted messages on Trayvon Martin’s cell phone.

A forensic expert discovered more than 600 items on Trayvon’s cell phone, including texts and photos between Trayvon and other people with specific references to criminal activity — particularly fighting, drugs, and firearms.



Zimmerman Trial – FIGHT! Don West Goes “MMA” on Judge Nelson at End of Late Night Court Session



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