Constitutional Voodoo from Macro Rubio

Constitutional Voodoo from Macro Rubio

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Sen. Marco Rubio apparently has gotten himself into a little pickle. You see, the Florida Senator was one of the Republicans who signed onto a bill requiring lawmakers to provide constitutional justification for any legislation filed in Congress. That sounded like a really cool idea at the time. “Conservatives” LOVE that stuff!

Yay Constitution!

But what happens when you want to do something and no constitutional justification exists? Well, you do what politicians have done since the beginning of time.  You make crap up

That doesn’t always prove easy, as Rubio is finding out. It takes time to conjure up a convincing lie out of thin air. Of course, that never stopped any politician practicing constitutional voodoo to further his agenda through the exercise of federal power – even if that authority doesn’t actually exist. They just call lack of constitutional authority an “inconvenience.”

It seems the Tea Party darling from Florida has a little “inconvenience” on […]



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