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TEA Party Element’ Against Immigration Bill Due To ‘Anger At Immigrants’

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by Greg Campbell, TPNN Contributor

Fox News’ political analyst Juan Williams has strong words for opponents of the Gang of Eight bill that passed the Senate on Thursday. In a segment with Martha MacCallum, Williams claimed that it was the “Tea Party” element and their “anger towards immigrants” that spurs on the Republican opposition to the Gang of Eight legislation.

“You are seeing populist politics being played by the tea party elements, especially in the House. These are people who voted to defund the DREAM Act. They don’t even want young people who come into the country because their parents brought them here to continue and have a pathway to citizenship… When you hear from people like Senator Sessions of Alabama, saying it will decrease employment opportunities for American citizens- The CBO, every agency that scored this has said just the very opposite. You see there is a Republican element- again, hard right- in the House play


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TEA Party Element’ Against Immigration Bill Due To ‘Anger At Immigrants’

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  • bobmontgomery

    The “Hate” card. They play it on so-called ‘race’issues, immigration issues, Obamacare issues, nannystate issues, gun control issues The reason it has worked so well over the years is that instead of getting that hurt look on our faces, we should have been saying “Juan, you’re a freaking idiot.”

    • grumpy

      Some of us have gotten past that hurt look – But no anyone with enough influence to smack ‘em upside their heads with there own bullshit and make it stick