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Obama’s Eligibility Attorney Bob Bauer Behind Illegal IRS Targeting

If this guy is right the attacks on Conservatives by various Obama Administration bureaucracies was planned and orders by Bob Bauer- That means the orders came from the White House.

It wouldn’t make Obama himself responsible — for that you’d need proof Obama himself knew- there is always the remote possibility no one ever actually told the President..  Something few rational people would believe, but the Obamabots aren’t rational..

It would mean that people who talked to the President on a daily basis were involved..

That would be enough to get any other CEO in the country fired, and possibly indicted ….





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  • bobmontgomery

    If I’m not mistaken, he’s the one whose wife is Anita Dunn, the former WH communications director who famously said her favorite philosopher is Mao Tse Tung.