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FISA court essentially rubber stamp for government

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Alec Hill

The Daily Caller

The secret government court put in place under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act to review government efforts to spy on foreign nationals and American citizens without a warrant approved the vast majority of the government’s requests, a report published in The New York Times on Friday found.

Citing data compiled by the Electronic Privacy Information Center, the report cast the FISA court as little more than a rubber stamp for NSA and FBI attempts to eavesdrop on the cyber-activity of millions of users of Internet giants such as Facebook, Twitter, Google and Yahoo.

The data itself is stunning. Of the more than 20,000 FISA applications presented to the court by the government since 2001 — when the Patriot Act greatly reduced the threshold at which the applications could be made — only 11 were rejected. Similarly, the court allowed the FBI to issue more than 140,000 National Security Letters since 2004.

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FISA court essentially rubber stamp for government | The Daily Caller.



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