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Washington State’s AG defends gays, not so fond of Veterans

Washington State Attorney General’s Attorney Bob Ferguson will be happy to defend your Constitutional Rights. even if it means trampling someones else’s, as long as you’re a homosexual-


Some of these guys are to young to be trusted with guns according to Bob Furgusson.  Washington States Attorney General

Some of these guys are to young to be trusted with guns according to Bob Furguson. Washington States Attorney General


If you’re an honorably discharged heterosexual combat veteran under the age of 21, it could be a different different story..  Guess Veterans are out of style  in the Politically Correct World Ferguson Lives in..


The Washington State Attorney General has removed Florida from the list of states it honors. Florida has not removed Washington from the list of states it honors but will in the very near future. FL will honor anyone who honors them. Washington is stating this for the Reason: Allows under 21-yrs-old honorably discharged veterans to have license.


In his world younger combat vets can be trusted with guns..  Needless to say Ferguson never served, so he’s never been in a position were his life depended on a 19 year old with a gun.

On the other hand. Ferguson’s the jerk who sued a flower shop for refusing to provide flowers for a Homosexual Marriage.  In doing so he interfered with the Florists free exercise of religion.  Last I checked neither homosexuality or marriage were mentioned in the Constitution..


The picture came from this video



But Ferguson thinks they’re to young to be trusted with guns–



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