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Obama’s White House Counsel Kathyrn Ruemmler is the New Fall Girl

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I don’t want to presume to offer the smartest man on the planet any advice, but maybe throwing your own lawyer under the bus might be a bad idea.

On the other hand, maybe that’s what White House Counsels are for. So you can blame them for everything.

The current official/unofficial narrative is that Kathyrn Ruemmler, the White House Counsel, who has done a pretty good job of stonewalling for Obama in the past, was responsible for

1. Knowing about the IRS targeting without telling Obama

2. Sabotaging the release of Benghazi information

The latest phase of the glorious narrative is that Obama got tripped up by his own lawyers. So says Buzzfeed and would Buzzfeed ever deliberately mislead you using administration talking points? Not since Monday.


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Obama’s White House Counsel Kathyrn Ruemmler is the New Fall Girl



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