WHITE HOUSE or “There’s No They’re There”

WHITE HOUSE or “There’s No They’re There”

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By: jamesmpratt (Diary) Red State

We have entered the most dangerous period of time America has ever known, and our adversaries are taking note.

Men who believed somebody was there in the White House when they called for help died in what Mr. Obama declared this week to be a Republican party, “side show.”  Like a juvenile might do in seeking to deflect criticism after crashing his father’s car, he added, “there’s no there there.

The sleeping-on-the job and fundraising trips while fighting men were expecting traditional American military backup cannot be lightly blamed upon others in view of the facts now present and actual testimony from then Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta.

The daily White House press narration of blame-it-on-anyone but the President alerts an increasingly confident terrorist network that indeed “there’s no they’re there” when it comes to leadership.

And with no one home, potential enemies see the gates to American global interests wide open to attack as they did in Benghazi on 9-11-12. No Trojan horse necessary. They have seen the Obama Administration provide the video-made-them-do-it excuse to simply enter and destroy.

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