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House & Senate Close to Approving a Pathway to Status or Amnesty

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Sara Noble | Independent Sentinel

hat tip to Harvey Miller

The mat.rodina.blogspot has an interesting article about one person’s experience while visiting the London of today, a London which now has such a high population of foreigners that it is beginning to lose its identity. At some point, open borders, as the EU has, becomes a free pass to invade.

..there were hardly any British working anywhere in London. From the German woman who ran the real estate office, to the Scottish driver, to the French girl selling me and mine tickets to the London Eye (worth going on by the way, even if quite a bit expense, at some £26/rider), to the Romanian waiters or the Italian retailers. Quite literaly, there were hardly any English, working anywhere in London. And the British unemployment rate is? Why 8% and I am sure that is under reported. Heck, I like the British accent and was looking forward to hearing it, what a surprise, I hardly did…

The EU has open borders between all members of the EU and with it, at some point, will come a loss of sovereignty and uniqueness that made each country distinct. The EU is not only about one currency, it is also about open borders.

The United States is allowing something similar with its occasional amnesty agreements

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House & Senate Close to Approving a Pathway to Status or Amnesty | Independent Sentinel.

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