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Outting Gun Grabbing Propagandists at “Journal News”

Outting the Gun Grabbing Propagandists at the “Journal News”: Gracia C. Martore, Pres., CEO of Gannett Co

Boycott Gannett Co



“Gannett is the government propagandist parent company of the “Journal News”, which is the nazi rag that’s printing personal information about law-abiding gun owners in New York areas.  Time for a BOYCOTT.  Click on the map to see where they’re spewing their trash in your state….”

To view interactive map, list of national websites affiliated with Gannett Co. and to continue reading the above post, go here.

The other day I received the information in the photograph below via email and thought that I would share.  Please feel free to do the same.

The liberal press pays well…

The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) is a double edge sword. What goes around comes around. Please pass this on. She’s the anti-gun publisher that recently passed along every concealed carry gun owner and their address, from her county, in her newspaper, for ALL to see. …….soooooo let’s return the favor!

Gracia C. Martore Pres CEO Gannett Co

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