Obama Taking Oath Two Times w Three Bibles — Won’t Mean a Thing.

Obama Taking Oath Two Times w Three Bibles — Won’t Mean a Thing.

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Screenshot of Abraham Lincoln's Bible
Screenshot of Abraham Lincoln’s Bible


Not one, but three Bibles for President Obama’s inaugural oath-taking.

On Sunday, January 20, President Obama officially will be sworn into his second term, taking the oath of office with his hand on a Bible belonging to his wife’s family.

The next day, when he takes the oath a second time as part of public inaugural ceremonies at the U.S. Capitol, Obama will place his hand on two Bibles, one stacked on the other. One of the Bibles, which belonged to President Lincoln, Obama used in 2009. The other belonged to the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Obama is being sworn in on the federal holiday devoted to King.
‘President Obama is honored to use these Bibles at the swearing-in ceremonies,’ said Steve Kerrigan, president and CEO of the Presidential Inaugural Committee. ‘On the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington and 150th anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation, this historic moment is a reflection of the extraordinary progress we’ve made as a nation.’



Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Bible
Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Bible



Must this narcissistic sob rain on EVERYBODY’S parade?

This is Obama’s not so subtle way of upstaging and hijacking the birthday, holiday, memory and bible of Martin Luther King, Jr. After all, Progressives believe that they own the memory of Dr. King.  Thus, Marxist revisionists will use King’s birthday to rewrite history and that which King stood for.



King Lincoln Obama


Making it all about self and lacking any sense of decency, Obama will invoke the historical accounting of Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King, Jr. while using their bibles as stage props and twisting the memories of BOTH men to justify and push his Marxist agenda.

Talking out of both sides of his face, Obama will espouse b.s. like “today we all come together as Americans” yada, yada, yada while at the same time slamming and lying about Republicans, gun owners, the NRA and all voices of opposition.

In the eyes, hearts and empty minds of Obama cultists, it is going to be a glorious day (sarcasm).


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Someone should check the inside sleeves of all three bibles to make sure that one is not actually the koran.  Obama swearing in on the koran would not surprise me.  That being said, Obama’s swearing in on any bible is blasphemous because he has no intention of honoring his oath or the bible.

The evil of Barack Obama will go over the heads of millions, many of whom are Christians and should know better, i.e., many of whom see Obama something higher than man.

It will occur to none of them that Obama is the snake that appeared in the Garden of Eden.


Obama were-not-even-halfway-there-yet-obama-democrats-libera-politics-1312480053


All in all, it promises to be a very dark day in the history of a nation that had the opportunity to run this Godless man from office but chose otherwise.

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