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Job Loss NYC and NJ as a Result of Superstorm Sandy = 41,600 jobs.


unemployment rises in wake of superstorm sandy



NEW YORK (Reuters) – New York and New Jersey lost a total of 41,600 jobs in November as Superstorm Sandy wiped out employment in restaurants, offices, dry cleaners, nail salons, construction sites and other businesses.

New York state lost more jobs than any other U.S. state in November, shedding 33,500 nonfarm jobs, with most of the losses – 29,100 – in the private sector, according to U.S. Labor Department data released on Friday.

New Jersey lost another 8,100 nonfarm jobs — 3,700 in the private sector and 4,400 in the public sector, New Jersey labor officials said.

‘This is a remarkably good showing under the circumstances created by Sandy. It seems clear that the storm generated some job losses, particularly in leisure and hospitality, but the total loss for the state was fairly modest,’ said New Jersey’s Chief Economist Charles Steindel in a statement….



Amazing.  With all of the federal funding coming into the City of New York, job loss is way down.  In the meantime, city workers are making a killing.  Passed by a Department of Sanitation depot the other day in Brooklyn and one of its workers was outside bragging how he clocked 130 hours in overtime in one week.

Of course, that does not mean that this union employee actually worked 130 hours in overtime, he just clocked it.

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