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Freedom of Religion, a Target for 2013, with Christians at the Forefront



The Interdependent Sentinel 


Christians are under fire while other religions are not. I’m not comparing Christians and Muslims to denigrate Muslims, but there is a double standard.

Muslims protested our free speech recently and the news offered no criticism of it as an un-American activity, which it clearly is, check it out here. In Dearborn, they hold annual rallies with protesters promoting Sharia’h law and encouraging jihad. How does our government react?  The state representatives (Democrats) show up to listen. Hear it for yourself.

This past year, Lowe’s was threatened with lawsuits and were told they were insulting Muslims when they tried to pull their ads from a Muslim reality show. The show espoused Muslim ideals that were counter to our way of life. One Democratic congressman called Lowe’s un-American. Check it our here.

The same holds true for other groups such as the LGBT and Atheists as we see in the Vanderbilt University case this past April. They were treated more than fairly but Christians were not.

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Freedom of Religion, a Target for 2013, with Christians at the Forefront



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