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First Ambulance Chaser Sues Connecticut Over Newtown

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Independent Sentinel 


The first lawyer has made his way into the horrific Newtown tragedy. He has filed a claim on behalf of a six-year old survivor with Connecticut Claims Commissioner J. Paul Vance Jr. who grants permission for lawsuits to move ahead against the state.

Attorney Pinsky claims to have been approached by the parents of a six-year old survivor of the tragedy.

The parents and the children of Newtown have been badly harmed but I would hope lawyers wouldn’t take advantage of that.

Pinsky said his client, six-year old Jane Doe, heard “screaming, cursing and shooting” over the PA system. He said she has sustained emotional and psychological trauma and injury.

She is the most sympathetic of victims but that doesn’t mean it is okay to sue the innocent.

Pinsky said that the state failed to keep the children safe and that the event was foreseeable because the gunman was known to the school.


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First Ambulance Chaser Sues Connecticut Over Newtown


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