Bush Vacations vs. Obama Vacations Update

Bush Vacations vs. Obama Vacations Update

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by Bob D Caterino



Those who defend the Obama regime will remind us how many vacations Bush had taken, let us decide here and now.

George W. Bush indeed spent a lot of time on Vacation, not as much as the Obamas.  Ok, here is the difference.  While the bushes spend their vacation at home, using air force one to fly them to Texas and back, George W. spend a lot of that time working from that vacation spot.  If you add in all the White House parties, the bill comes to a whopping twenty five million dollars.

Obama, and his family are world travelers it would seem. One trip to Hawaii cost taxpayers four million dollars.  f you times that by their three other vacations, their daughters trips as well ass he Michelle trips, and all the White House parties, it is not even close to George W.  No, it surpasses Bush by a

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