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Grover Furr, is one reason to quit funding college educations

Marxist Professor teaches Joe Stalin never had anyone killed or committed a single crime. 



I frequently point out that the discovery of the Verona Papers and KGB documents released after the fall of the Soviet Union prove Joe McCarthy was much closer to the truth than he is given credit for. It’s true McCarthy was a drunk and he was looking for Communists under all the wrong rock’s. In the early 1950s there were plenty of communists in Hollywood, he was right about that but the ones that were a threat were frequently high-ranking members of the Democratic Party hiding in plain sight in Washington DC. Another major threat McCarthy missed was in America’s colleges.

The Soviets realized early on in the Cold War, or perhaps even before World War II the best way to destroy America was from within, and the best way to do that was by taking control of America’s educational system. Even though the old Soviet Union is gone America’s colleges are full of idealistic idiots who believe the only solution the world’s problems is a global communist government.

For at least the last 50 years we have been funding the various professors were plotting to bring down the United States through student loans and grants to colleges. Professor Grover Furr is a perfect example of the kind of person who lives off of student loans while he is preaching the wonders of Communism to our children.



Yes the professor is entitled to his opinions, and he has every right to share those opinions with others. When he does not have the right to do is receive a paycheck that’s funded by the very same government he would like to see vanish.

The best way to put an end to this nonsense would be to not allow students receiving government assistance to attend colleges that support this type jackass.

It would not be difficult for the US House of Representatives to add an amendment the next college funding bill that simply states that professors who teach this revisionist history of philosophy’s that undermine the security United States will no longer be eligible to enroll students receiving educational subsidies from the government.

I’m sure they would be screaming accusations of racism and claims that the House is undermining the First Amendment Rights of colleges and universities. That is incorrect, colleges and universities have every right to allow anything they want to be taught on their campuses as long as it’s them, not American citizens paying for it.



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