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Benghazi, Fast and Furious-Mideast edition

As strange as it seems, during Operation Fast and Furious most of the weapons went to the Sinaloa Cartel, it’s almost as though we were trying to help one cartel defeat the others in Mexico’s drug wars..


Looks like there really was an empty chair running the county during the Benghazi Attack


Benghazi was not a Consulate but a Mission and headquarters for a covert CIA operation.  If the information Beck is providing is true Obama Administration was funneling weapons to Al Qaeda linked militia at the request of the Muslim Brotherhood.  Think of it as Fast and Furious, Mideast Version..

Our “Muslim Brotherhood Friends” were telling us which Al Qaeda linked militia to help. There’s a reason the Muslim Brotherhood was considered a terrorist organiztion in Egypt for decades.  Since their founding in the mid 1920 their objective has been to restore Islamic Caliphate to it’s 9th and 10th Century glory days of global dominance.  Of course that means he end of Christianity. Western Culture and the extinction of the Jewish People.

For some reason Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are convinced they’ve mellowed in their old age-

I’m not an avid Glen Beck fan, but that doesn’t mean he’s not right more often than not.  There’s a lot of indications he may be right about this.



Our Administration Was Working With The Bad Guys’: Must See Inerview Exposes Reason For Libya Attack.

In articled penned by Michael Kelley, the real story behind Ambassador Chris Steven’s death was delved into greater detail. This story was the focus of Glenn Beck’s Monday evening broadcast when he interviewed former CIA officer Clare Lopez.

The must-see interview is available in two parts and is featured below, offering a thought-provoking primer for Monday evening’s foreign policy debate.


Part 1


Visit The Blaze to watch Part 2 of

Our Administration Was Working With The Bad Guys’: Must See Inerview Exposes Reason For Libya Attack.

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