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Sunday Morning Grumpy Daily Headlines


Ryan Infuses Grassroots Spirit into Campaign

breitbart.com – Paul Ryan not only provides an injection of youth and an added fiscal layer to the Romney campaign, he’s also favored by the grassroots. In June, I joined Wisconsin tea party groups in Racine as th…

Dana Loesch

Open Doors To Stolen Elections

westernjournalism.com – Why would the administration and the Department of Justice not cooperate in cleaning up the voter registration problems across the country? Why would they intentionally make it more difficult to ta…

James R. Willis Jr.

The pensions that Obama robbed – NYPOST.com

nypost.com – Chutzpah overload in full effect: President Obama’s sleazy super-PAC, run by his former White House spokesman Bill Burton, released an ad accusing Mitt Romney of causing the cancer death of a steel…

NY Post Opinion

Paul Ryan, the no-tie running mate – POLITICO.com

politico.com – For years, President Obama’s decision to occasionally abandon the necktie has served as fodder for right-wing critics. On CNN today, democratic strategist James Carville turned that same criticism …

Ben Domenech

PJ Media » Does Military Service Matter in a President?

pjmedia.com – The last time there was a presidential election where neither of the candidates had military service was 1944. Thomas Dewey and Franklin D. Roosevelt were facing off to be commander in chief during…

PJ Media

Law exempts presidential appointees from Senate confirmation

dailycaller.com – President Barack Obama signed a bill Friday evening that would exempt some senior-level presidential appointees from Senate confirmation. Sponsored by Democratic Sen. Chuck Schumer and cosponsored …

Robert Campbell sr.

Trending: Mitt Romney Picked Paul Ryan as VP

140elect.com – Top 250 tweets about Paul Ryan since news broke just after mid-night, ordered by retweet count: Updated in real-time. Tracking began at 12:25 AM ET on Aug 11

Zach Green

What the Ryan Pick Says About Romney

weeklystandard.com – Mitt Romney, the cautious candidate, wary of being specific, and counting on the bad economy to defeat President Obama – forget all that! The Romney who picked Paul Ryan as his vice presidential ru…

Ben Domenec


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