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Monday Afternoon Grumpy Daily Headlines

Obama Bans Catholic Prayers at DNC Convention

visiontoamerica.com – If Obama were wise he would really ramp up his misinformation machine. He should start giving away free weed, beer, hookers, tanks of gas, kazoos, Vaseline, stretch pants, whirly hats, Flowbees and…

LibertyGirl NH

Downsizing America: The Obama Doctrine in Action

blog.heritage.org – A poorer, smaller, humbler, less influential America—that is Barack Obama’s vision for America as presented by Dinesh D’Souza, who spoke at The Heritage Foundation last Tuesday about his new book o…


Liberal Delusions of Conservative Racism : Political Outcast

politicaloutcast.com – Liberals generally live in a realm of their own mind’s creation, so when we conservatives see them do crazy things or write articles detailing their illogical theories, we very rarely experience an…

Captain Heep

All-Out Marxist Media Assault on Romney/Ryan begins with Gusto!

canadafreepress.com – First and foremost—lest I forget—both the presidential and vice-presidential “debates” questioning of Romney, Obama, Ryan and Biden will be moderated by the most leftist “journalists” who inhabit t…

Canada Free Press

Voters Want Smaller Government

cato-at-liberty.org – Most Americans in a new Washington Post-ABC News poll want a shrunken federal government, and most believe Romney wants that too. …Support for “smaller government” is up significantly in recent yea…

Cato Institute

WaPo Poll: Romney Up 1 Ahead of Convention

breitbart.com – It isn’t like the Washington Post didn’t try to game things for Obama. Like I said, the sample is a ridiculous D+9. As I have noted repeatedly, the electorate was D+7 in 2008. It is not going to be…

Kim Hedum

Obama bullying Gallup … DOJ is suing them – Atlas Shrugs

atlasshrugs2000.typepad.com – We are a little over two months short of dictator: In a move that could have chilling First Amendment consequences, the Obama regime this week showed that it’s willing to use the full weight and po…


And now, a desperate plea for attention from Charlie Crist

humanevents.com – Are you, or a loved one, suffering from an extreme case of the has-beens?  Symptoms include desperate pleas for attention, foolish pronouncements designed to provoke controversy, and a complete bet…

Human Events

GOP 12: VIDEO: Chris Matthews, unhinged

gop12.thehill.com – Chris Matthews on Morning Joe today, going ballistic on RNC Chair Reince Priebus and accusing him and Republicans of playing “the race card.” “That cheap shot about ‘I don’t have a problem with my …


Barack Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood (Part 1)

westernjournalism.com – The Obama Administration has met with the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR)—the Muslim “outreach” group—hundreds of times. Muslims, per its umbrella group—the Islamic Society of North Am…

James R. Willis Jr.

Obama Email to Supporters: If I Lose, It’s Your Fault

breitbart.com – This is the campaign version of Obama’s entire economic argument: he can’t fix the economy unless he spends more money. And unless we give him more money, he can’t spend it. So if the economy fails…

LibertyGirl NH

Tropical Storm Isaac slogs toward U.S. Gulf Coast

reuters.com – 1 of 30. A sign reinforces concerns as locals prepare for Tropical Storm Issac in Metairie, Louisiana, August 27, 2012. On its current track, Isaac was due to slam into the Gulf Coast anywhere betw…

Reuters Top News

To Honor Neil Armstrong, Obama Posts Photo of Himself

breitbart.com – Obama’s greatest achievement, though, is creating his own personal narrative. He is his own personal touchstone. Even when honoring a great American hero, Obama can’t help but thrust himself into t…


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