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Tuesday Afternoon Grumpy Daily Headlines

Some Pigs Are More Equal Than Others

bearsrant.blogspot.com – Suggesting that the less privileged should eat cake eventually cost Marie Antoinette her head. “Let them eat cake!” There is no statement in history that more exemplifies the intense lack of empath…

Maggie’s Bear

U.S. Drought Could Cause Global Unrest | Wired Science

wired.com – Twice in the last five years, rising food prices triggered global waves of social unrest. With drought baking U.S. crops, another round of soaring, society-straining price spikes may happen in comi…

Andy Wendt

Rand Paul Introduces “Read the Bills Act” in the Senate

downsizedc.org – Yes, that’s right, all of these bills are now introduced in the Senate . . . Rand Paul has kept his promise to introduce all of these bills, including “Read the Bills.” This is the bill we consider…

Jeneva Lynne

front lines: Another reason to unban the bulb!

frontlines2011.blogspot.com – American Enterprise Institute – As I’ve written before, (here, and here, for example) there are many good reasons to remove the ban (pardon me, “unattainable performance standard that will serve as…

Candice Lanier

Green Companies That Took Taxpayer Money and Went Bankrupt

blog.heritage.org – Solar-cell manufacturer Solyndra became a household name when it collapsed, taking $627 million in American taxpayer dollars with it. It’s the poster company for the government picking winners and …

Dave Newberry

John McCain Calls for Blood Sacrifice in Syria for Zion

conservativeread.com – One of the top representatives for the industrial war complex, Arizona Representative John McCain, is back on the propaganda trail pushing for US air strikes in Syria and also for more small arms t…


A Tea Party Response to the Occupiers

truthaboutliberty.com – T he occupiers are barking up the wrong tree. The problem isn’t capitalism — it’s government power. They’re right to complain about big bank bailouts, but capitalists can’t do this in a free market…

Manny Edwards


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