Olympic Security, Missiles, bombs, drones & battleships, Huh??

Olympic Security, Missiles, bombs, drones & battleships, Huh??

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Let me get this straight– An armed shooter gets inside the stadium-, no problem London has drones can fire missiles at him–  but it would really suck to happen to be sitting 100 feet from the guy…..

Or, somebody sets up a mortar 1/4 mile from the stadium and pops off a couple fast rounds– a battle ship is standing by to shell the neighborhood…..

Seems like they’re ready to burn the house down to get rid of a few flies that managed to get in…

From the utube channel


High-tech battleships and missiles are on stand-by to protect London during the upcoming Olympics. Some are concerned it looks more like war games than a sporting event. But as RT’s Laura Smith explains, heavy weaponry may not be enough to tackle the real threat.




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