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Wow, looks like folks in Libya don’t like Westerners


Hard to believe isn’t it, Muslims in North Africa don’t like Western Christians meddling in their affairs. In fact they don’t even like Westerners in their country. Apparently helping them get rid of Gadhafi hasn’t helped our image any…..

According to the UK Guardian

Headstones on second world war military graves in Libya‘s eastern city of Benghazi have been desecrated again

A convoy carrying Britain’s ambassador to Libya was hit by a rocket-propelled grenade on Monday, wounding two of his bodyguards.

Five days before that, an explosive device was dropped from a passing car outside the offices of the US diplomatic mission in Benghazi.

Read the entire thing Second world war graves in Libya desecrated again

The UK Guardian says the Libyan officials are blaming unknown Islamic radicals, most likely that would be the Muslim Brotherhood that we helped take control of the country,  Who’d have thought it possible?  Didn’t Obama and Clinton tell us the Brotherhood had changed and was no longer the same terrorist organization it had been for 90 years?  Wasn’t Obama so confident of that he put members of the Brotherhood on the White Hous Staff?


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