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Deconstructing Obama: A Compendium | Be Sure You’re RIGHT, Then Go Ahead

crockettlives.wordpress.com – “The private sector is doing fine. Where we’re seeing weaknesses in our economy have to do with state and local government.” — Barack Obama, June 8, 2012 This –  Dismal May Jobs Numbers: Unemployme…


Bob Mack


The Story of Brett Kimberlin… And Why You Should Care

radicals.libertynews.com – Brett Kimberlin is a convicted domestic terrorist. Here’s a detailed account of his terrorist activities. Kimberlin was convicted as the so-called “Speedway Bomber,” who terrorized the city of Spee…

Candice Lanier

The American Spectator : Romney’s Education Choice

spectator.org – The Romney revolution could end up as big as the Reagan revolution. Mitt Romney is rolling through 2012 at a faster pace than Ronald Reagan rolled through 1980. He is ahead of Reagan’s pace at this…

Chris Mundy

I’ll Have a Gallon of Electricity, Please

unifiedpatriots.com – Have you heard about the latest EPA outrage, the one about the Agency using drones out in the midwest to spy on farmers to see if they’re hurting the environment?  Of course you have.  You’re an av…

Kelly Sayre

Did The EPA Cause Global Warming?

epaabuse.com – This is a short yet interesting answer to this question by a concerned citizen who really seems to know what he is talking about.



theothermccain.com – FROM AN UNDISCLOSED LOCATION On the morning of Thursday, May 17, I was planning to go to Camp David, 15 miles from my Maryland home, to cover the G8 Summit. Then Aaron Walker published his 28,000-w…


Obama says it’s clear U.S. economy ‘not doing fine’

reuters.com – Thomson Reuters is the world’s largest international multimedia news agency, providing investing news, world news, business news, technology news, headline news, small business news, news alerts, p…


Reuters Top N


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