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Is Microsoft About To Kill the Online Advertising Market

Tim Worstall, Contributor


It can be the seemingly small things that lead to very large changes. Not quite the chaos idea of a butterfly’s wings causing a hurricane but a small change in one part of a complex mechanism can indeed change the final output considerably.

And Microsoft has made one simple and seemingly small change with the upcoming Internet Explorer 10 which could have very large implications for the basic business environment online. It’s this:

Today, Microsoft announced Windows 8 has reached Release Preview and Internet Explorer 10 in Windows 8 will have “Do Not Track” (DNT) on by default. This post includes additional thoughts about this important milestone in our effort to advance trust and consumer privacy online. Internet Explorer 10 on Windows 8 will be the first browser to have DNT on by default. Consumers can change this setting, but the default will be to send the DNT signal to websites that consumers visit.

The point is that tracking a user through what they do is what adds value to the advertising that is served up to those same users

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