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Fast And Felonious: Obama’s Caporegime On The Hotseat

crockettlives.wordpress.com – With a contempt of Congress citation barreling toward him like the Heartland Flyer, Attorney General Eric Holder, previously steadfast in his refusal to provide Congressional investigators with sub…


Bob Mack


Operation Fast and Furious reaches Missouri Senate race

dailycaller.com – The Operation Fast and Furious gunwalking program reached the Missouri Senate race on Thursday, with front-runner Republican candidate Sarah Steelman calling for Attorney General Eric Holder’s resi…

Matthew Boyle

Is This Communist Obama’s Real Father?

westernjournalism.com – I’ve been involved in battling against the destructive agenda of Barack Obama for over 5 years now. So kindly take your “dumbed down” BS and stick it in your (r)ear. Are you so full of yourself tha…

LibertyGirl NH

Archeologists May Have Uncovered John the Baptist’s Bones

theblaze.com – It’s not uncommon for archaeologists to uncover Biblical elements in their work. Recently, we told you about a 2,700-year-old seal featuring Jesus’ birthplace and ancient tools that were uncovered….

Billy Hallowell

GOP: Obama amnesty policy violates oath of office

times247.com – House Judiciary Committee Chairman Lamar Smith, R-Texas, said the Obama administration’s changes to immigration law mark “a breach of faith with the American people.” Photo Credit:AP Republicans ar…

Jessica Chasmar

Border agency proposes catch and release for illegals

times247.com – Border agency proposes catch and release for illegals Opponents of the catch-and-release policy say it amounts to another “backdoor amnesty” for illegal immigrants and could give the administration…

Jessica Chasmar

“The Lid”: Why Do So Many American Jews Support Obama?

yidwithlid.blogspot.fr – Why Do So Many American Jews Support Obama? Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to Facebook By Barry Rubin In the 2008 election, a remarkable 79 percent of American Jewish voters supported Bar…

Rabbi Shifren

Liberal and Incompetent

redstate.com – A few weeks back I found myself at the scene of the crime… campaigning in Wisconsin with Governor Walker. One thing was abundantly clear, and if you spent any time helping out Governor Walker in hi…


Cat Mulmack

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