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Why Facebook’s Co-Founder Just Defriended America

Forbes | Robert W. Wood, Contributor

One word: Taxes. More? Rates, complexity, worldwide reporting, and comprehensive–some say downright intrusive–disclosure.

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg—with or without signature hoodie—may get all the hype in the romping roadshow run-up to the company’s historic IPO. Most of us are agog that Mr. Zuckerberg may be poised to pay the highest individual tax bill ever. See Top Tax Tips From Zuckerberg’s Facebook Bonanza.

But the latest news-grabbing Facebook co-founder is Eduardo Saverin, best known for his bitter legal battle with Mr. Zuckerberg. In The Social Network, we saw Mr. Zuckerberg’s Jesse Eisenberg outsmart Saverin and the Winklevoss twins to make Facebook, Harvard, Internet, and Wall Street history.

In Hollywood’s version, maybe Mr. Saverin came off as wimpy but he may get the last laugh, especially when it comes ………………

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