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Thursday Morning Grumpy Daily Headline News

The Politics of Desperation

rogueoperator.wordpress.com - by rogueoperator “How far ye have fallen, O star of the heaven, son of the dawn!” When Barack Obama ascended to the presidency with all the fanfare of a kingly coronation, millions of Americans sat…


Members of Congress Work to Rein In Overcriminalization

blog.heritage.org - What do a legendary guitar maker and a lobster importer have in common? Both are alleged to have run afoul of the Lacey Act, one of the most egregious, overcriminalized statutes on the books. Now s…



angrywhitedude.com - YOUNG GIRL STOKES HERSHEY BAR AWD gladly admits I do not understand the Yankee mind. They’re different from regular people. Not normal like us Southerners. The fact they like Bruce Springsteen prov…


Politico Suddenly Fascinated With Women’s Wear

breitbart.com - I’m serious. Read the below in your best Derek Zoolander voice: The bird print top, made by Reed Krakoff costs $990, a saleswoman at the designer’s store in Manhattan told Styleite. The piece is pa…


Washington Post Rebuts Obama’s Malicious Lie

powerlineblog.com - Barack Obama never lets truth get in the way of political advantage. Nothing new about that; mendacity has been a consistent theme of his 3 1/2 years in office. But it seems that more media outlets…


Clinton urges China to help on North Korea

reuters.com - BEIJING | Wed May 2, 2012 9:51pm EDT BEIJING (Reuters) – China should help make clear to North Korea that it should avoid “further provocation”, the U.S. Secretary of State said in remarks in Beiji…


Companies Would Save Billions by Dropping Health Coverage

blog.heritage.org - The House Ways and Means Committee just released a report that shows that the most successful companies would save billions of dollars if they stopped offering coverage to their employees and dumpe…


Malaysia mosque a source of hope for heroin addicts

reuters.com - By Anuradha Raghu KUALA LUMPUR | Wed May 2, 2012 11:07pm EDT KUALA LUMPUR (Reuters) – For 30 years, Feisal Fakharudin lived a heroin addict’s life, sleeping on streets, getting into trouble with po…


Pushing Back on Sequestration

blog.heritage.org - America’s all-volunteer military is the most well-trained, well-equipped fighting force the world has ever seen. But the strength of our armed forces should not be taken for granted. Unfortunately,…


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