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Thursday Morning Grumpy Daily Headline News


Obama campaign launches voter drive around gay marriage

blogs.reuters.com - President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign, looking to tap support for the president’s embrace of same-sex marriage, launched a voter drive in key electoral states on Wednesday, saying a Mitt Ro…

Reuters Top News

Iran: Discovery will collapse Christianity

wnd.com - Iran’s Basij Press is claiming that a version of the Gospel of Barnabas, found in 2000, will prove that Islam is the final and righteous religion and the revelation will cause the collapse worldwid…

Drudge Report

Roger L. Simon » The Mystery of the Kenyan Birth

pjmedia.com - Reading the extraordinary revelation about Barack Obama’s youthful literary career on Breitbart.com — that his agents published a promotional book in 1991 with a bio of Obama saying he was born in …

Marty Smith

Baldwin vs. Baldwin

twitchy.com - @adamsbaldwin Can Adam Baldwin find Cannes on a map? In a standoff that’s sure to be a sign of the apocalypse, the long-awaited battle of the Baldwins took place on Twitter earlier this evening as …


Obama a ‘Little Flat’ in Denver

weeklystandard.com - President Obama was in Denver this afternoon for a fundraiser. But the event does not appear to have been quite the success the campaign was hoping for. According to today’s White House pooler, the…

Laurie Bailey

News from The Associated Press

hosted.ap.org - Police: 10 Israelis arrested for organ-trafficking Israel: Iran deal doesn’t rule out possible strike JERUSALEM (AP) — Israeli archaeologists have discovered a 2,700-year-old seal that bears the i…

The Associated Press

Breaking Poll: Walker Up 8 in WI, 50-42

breitbart.com - Public sector unions have spent tens of millions of their members’ dollars attacking Gov. Walker and his budget reforms. This union effort has clearly failed, as the Reason poll finds strong suppor…

The Real ExTe


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