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Thursday Afternoon Grumpy Daily Headline News

Our All-American Double Standard? « blogsense-by-barb

blogsensebybarb.wordpress.com – I saw this headline come across my twitter screen and I had to re-check it! SAY WHAT??? California … and the DEMOCRATS are spying into the bedrooms??? AND IT”S OK??? Whew … I’m so confused! Not 3 m…


Occupy ‘Drum Scum’ Arrested

breitbart.com – Yesterday afternoon, KTLA reported that a suspect in the attack had been detained and was being questioned. This morning, the LAPD announced the arrest of Brian Mendoza age 23. Sources say Mendoza …


Move over, Joe the Plumber

politico.com – Move over, Joe the Plumber. Meet “Julia,” the Obama campaign’s “typical middle-class woman.” She’s not a real person, but rather an online tool that the campaign is using to try and land another bl…


RNC Offers Obama New Slogan « Pat Dollard

patdollard.com – May 3, 2012 Doc Holiday Excerpted from The Washington Times: The Republican National Committee is getting ahead of President Obama’s official campaign kickoff in Ohio and Virginia on Saturday with …


Obama’s five false arguments – Right Turn

washingtonpost.com – President Obama would like to talk about anything — Osama bin Laden, women, George Bush, “Forward” — rather than the economy. And when he does, his major themes are built on shaky facts or out-and-…


Stand Your Ground (But don’t pee on the electric fence!)

bearsrant.blogspot.ca – I used to watch the Gerry Springer Show. I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking the same thing Maggie thought and voiced. She wondered how I could watch something that not only had no sociall…


Queen Michelle Sporting $3,000 Sweaters…

weaselzippers.us – Today the MSM lapdogs are all over Ann Romney for wearing a $990 sweater during a TV appearance, oddly the same media doesn’t seem to notice Mooch’s love of L’Wren Scott sweaters ranging from $2,00…


Blog posts on this issue

whitehouse.gov – The White House Office of the Press Secretary For Immediate Release May 02, 2012 Today, Secretary Solis will join Mayor Nutter at Philadelphia’s City Hall to announce that the Administration has se…


Occupier Hits Occupier with Brick to Face

breitbart.com – In one of the few moments of solidarity between police and occupiers yesterday, protesters on the ground shouted for the people on the roof to stop throwing the dangerous missiles into the crowd. M…


Conservatives mock Obama’s ‘Julia’ – Tim Mak

politico.com – Conservatives are getting personal with a new figure in President Barack Obama’s campaign: Julia.Who is Julia? On Thursday, Obama’s campaign released a slideshow showing how the president’s policie…


Zimbabwe minister threatens media crackdown

reuters.com – By Cris Chinaka HARARE | Thu May 3, 2012 1:37pm EDT HARARE (Reuters) – Zimbabwe on Thursday threatened a crackdown on the media over what it called sensational and inaccurate reporting, following s…


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