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Sunday Afternoon Grumpy Daily Headline News


Whoever Promised Liberals a Rose Garden?

westernjournalism.com – I was watching “The Five” on Fox News, and Bob Beckel went on one of his usual rants about the economic playing field in America not being level. President Obama echoes the same thing as does every…


1000.36 « Time Stopped

1000wordsandmore.wordpress.com- © All rights reserved by Todd Heisler and Rocky Mountain News.    @heislerphoto  ~  A Single Image That Continues To Haunt Tags: Freedom Is Not Free, Hero, LanAstaslem, Military, WOT

Lady Raven

Arizona Blows $125M in Taxpayer Money on Ghost Students

foxbusiness.com – Taxpayers in Arizona spend $125 million each school year funding more than 13,000 students who don’t exist at public schools. That’s because the state school system uses an antique budget approach …

Patriot Lemonade

EDITORIAL: The war on teachers unions – Washington Times

washingtontimes.com – Parents would like to choose where their kids go to school, if they could. In a speech to the Latino Coalition’s Annual Economic Summit in Washington D.C., Mitt Romney laid out his case for choice-…

Steel Magnolia

Class Warfare – It’s Enough to Make You Puke

unifiedpatriots.com – The CEO bashing was abated for some time, as Obama tried to pretend to Wall Street and Main Street that he wasn’t anti-capitalist.  Well, now that the titans of commerce  are rousing from their sle…

Kelly Sayre

News from The Associated Press

hosted.ap.org – With smuggling choked, Syria rebels feel arms curb US commander: Jordan war drill not threat to Syria CAIRO (AP) — A senior Arab League official says Syria has denied permission for a deputy of U….

The Associated Press

Difficult Pentecost for pope as butler probe hurts

reuters.com – I once argued with someone (over 30 years ago) that Church money is contributions and investments. If the congregations didn’t trust them they shouldn’t give anything. Compliance with particular co…

Reuters Top News


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