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Saturday Morning Grumpy Daily Headline News

Truck With Obama Hanging In Effigy Spotted In NYC

theblaze.com – After two decades of living and working in Manhattan, this average New Yorker believed he had seen everything. Today proved that to be a false assumption. Walking out of the Blaze headquarters on 6…


Meet the Left’s Founding Fathers

conservativedailynews.com – Patriotic Americans are raised with a respect for our Founding Fathers: Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, and George Washington being among the most famous. Bu…


Lightsaber Laser Can Blind People, Cause Fires

digitaltrends.com – WickedLasers has released a new laser that can blind instantly, cause cancer if it touches skin, and could possibly set things on fire. Sometimes the responsible and careful progression of technolo…


EPA’s Plans for Implementing UN’s Agenda 21

thenewamerican.com – One of the most successful grassroots campaigns during the past year has been the Stop Agenda 21 movement both at the local level and state level. However, we haven’t heard as much about Agenda 21 …


Soviets Funded Black “Freedom” Journal

canadafreepress.com – FreedomwaysNewly declassified documents from Operation SOLO, an FBI program to infiltrate the Communist Party of the United States, reveal that a journal called Freedomways, which was influential i…


Be Sure You’re RIGHT, Then Go Ahead

crockettlives.wordpress.com – Leon Panetta Claims Global Warming Is Now A National Security Threat While the Russian bear threatens to preemptively blow the bejesus out of NATO’s European missile defense shield, while the Chine…


Biden Left Out of Top Campaign Meetings

weeklystandard.com – On Sunday evenings, President Obama meets with his top ten campaign officials to “gather for a confidential briefing on his re-election,” according to the New York Times. Present at these meetings,…


News from The Associated Press

hosted.ap.org – TOKYO (AP) — Hundreds of Japanese are marching and waving “No nukes” banners to celebrate the last of this nation’s 50 nuclear reactors switching off. The crowd at a Tokyo park Saturday said they …


Overwhelm the System « blogsense-by-barb

blogsensebybarb.wordpress.com – The Founding Fathers prayed daily, consulting Providence for Wisdom. Today as Patriot Americans, we need to be on our knees before we open our mouths each day seeking that same Providence for the s…


Beastie Boys’ Adam Yauch has died : reports

reuters.com – LOS ANGELES | Fri May 4, 2012 2:09pm EDT LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Adam Yauch, a founding member of pioneering hip-hop group the Beastie Boys, has died at age 47 after treatment for cancer, according…


House reaches agreement on Export

reuters.com – By Alexandra Alper and Doug Palmer WASHINGTON | Sat May 5, 2012 12:20am EDT WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Leaders of the U.S. House of Representatives said on Friday they reached a bipartisan deal to reau…


Twitter Suspended My Doggies @3DogsWhite

kaye-francis.blogspot.com – Subtitled: So Far Not A Happy Easter Weekend Crump! Crump! Crump! (These being said in lieu of bad bad baaaaad other words, I’m a trying not to think, let alone say.) When one bad word pops up int…


Obama’s Way of War | The Weekly Standard

weeklystandard.com – Is Barack Obama a warrior president? Not in the British tradition, of course, which gave us Winston Churchill, with his crazy cavalry charge against Sudanese spears, or the more cerebral Harold Mac…


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