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Memorial Day Tribute to Iraqi/Afghanistan Wars Era (Part 1) (updated)

Operation Desert Storm Operation Enduring Freedom Operation Iraqi Freedom - Image courtesy of Flickr.

Operation Desert Storm Operation Enduring Freedom Operation Iraqi Freedom – Image courtesy of Flickr.


The Afghanistan War aka Operation Enduring Freedom began in October 2001 and continues to this day while the Iraqi War often referred to as the the War in Iraq aka Second Gulf War aka Operation Iraqi Freedom began in March 2003 and ended December 2011 (officially).

During previous wars, our troops listened to music broadcasted to them on the battlefield.  Due to changing time and the courtesy of modern technology, our troops are able to bring their music along allowing our military to produce, listen and share music from all venues of the American music industry not just with their fellow troops but the world.


































H/t to LadyRaven on Bad A*** Marine video.




Because we are honoring and reflecting this Memorial Day, I chose to accentuate on the positive of today’s music genre.  That being said, some of today’s songs are not for my particular taste; the videos outright offensive.  However, acknowledging modern technology and the availability of all venues of American music today, I made the personal choice to omit such videos and songs that I find offensive and negative.

Thus, I direct you to an article that I believe you would find of particular interest entitled Iraq and Afghanistan:  The IPOD Wars , which elaborates further on the availability of American music as pertaining to our troops in the military today overseas.

As with all wars, our military and our veterans have served and continue to serve our country most valiantly sacrificing time and away from their families, friends and loved ones.  Many have gone on to make the ultimate sacrifice, i.e., life and limb(s).

Thus in remembrance, we reflect and honor our valiant this Memorial Day.

We pray and ask our Lord to return all in service this Memorial Day away from our shores home to us safe and well.



God bless them all and God bless America.


Source:  American Music Awards 2001

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