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LaserSaber, a Lightsaber Clone of Spectacular Intensity

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Almost 10 years ago, the world scoffed at Star Wars Kid, but hardcore LARP nerds knew he was on to something: Lightsaber-inpired pantomime is damn good fun. And now would-be Ghyslain Razas can ditch poor lightsaber proxies like broom handles and marginally saber-like toys, and go straight for theLaserSaber, a seriously baddass laser device attachment from Wicked Lasers.




Wicked Lasers already made news this week by sponsoring a shark-with-frickin-lasers stunt off the coast of the Bahamas. And now, in honor of Star Wars Day this Friday, the company has released the $100 LaserSaber, which attaches to the Spyder 3-class green and blue lasers it already sells

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