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(Joe’s Brother) Frank Biden “Plans to Save the Country”

With Mavericks High Schools

By Lisa Rab

New Times Blogs

Frank Biden, younger brother of the man who is second in line for the White House, has a flair for the dramatic. Last year, he called the Mavericks High charter school in Palm Springs a “hope factory” and said its management company, Mavericks in Education Florida, was “on a mission from God.”

Now, he says Mavericks schools are going to “save the country.” As he wrote on his blog yesterday:

Frank Biden plans to save the country, one student at a time. With the dropout rates in the state of Florida and in the entire nation reaching alarming levels, the brother of US Vice

Read all of it:

Frank Biden “Plans to Save the Country” With Mavericks High Schools


Grumpy Note;

Yeah okay;  but I kinda wonder if the Vice President’s Brother might have some other motives

Third Whistle-Blower Suit Filed Against Mavericks Charter Schools

Mavericks High Schools Hope to Profit From Education – But at What Cost?

Palm Beach School Officials Recommend Denying Three New Mavericks Schools (Updated)

Mavericks Charges Charter Schools $350K in Rent, Plus Fees

It’s not like the Vice President’s brother would have any idea what the administrations educational schemes involve, and how to make money from them………………….


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