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Bake Sales Become Target Of Childhood Obesity Fight

I’m tempted to file this under WTF-Grumpy

Huffington Post

Is the tradition of school bake sales nearing an end?

At a time when school communities are forced to increase fundraising efforts amid tighter budgets, one hugely popular method of raising money for the basketball team or math club is at a crossroads — with the national fight against childhood obesity.

In Maryland’s Montgomery County, bake sales are not permitted during the day and school officials keep an ear to the ground to make sure that there’s no underground sales of sweets, Bloomberg Businessweek reports.

“If a bake sale is going on, it’s reported to administration and it’s taken care of,” Marla Caplon of the county’s food and nutrition services told Businessweek. “You can’t sell Girl Scout cookies, candy, cakes, any of that stuff.”


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