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Thursday Morning Grumpy Daily Headline News

Obama’s Fallon Appearance Violated Campaign Law

breitbart.com - Only one problem, aside from the fact that this was possibly the worst “comedy” segment in the history of mankind: it violated campaign finance law. The equal time rule states that if a licensee pe…


Obama’s War On Our Veterans

westernjournalism.com - The Democrat habit of appointing “good Democrats” to positions, without regard for the required administrative skills it calls for, is  hurting almost 900,000 disabled veterans. The incompetence of…


The Rest of the Story on Student Loans

blog.heritage.org - President Obama is busy crossing the country and appealing to young Americans on the issue of student loans. He’s warning them of the possibility of increased interest rates this summer, which are …


EPA’s E-15 Ethanol Plan: Bad For Everyone

epaabuse.com - Paul Driessen, a guest columnist on Watts Up With That? outlines numerous reasons why the EPA’s push for E-15 Ethanol gasoline is bad for our pocketbooks, the environment and energy policy. Driesse…


You Lying Sack of Schumer

directorblue.blogspot.com - If there’s a more malevolent, anti-American force in the U.S. Senate than Chuck “Schmucky” Schumer, I have yet to read of him or her. I firmly believe that had Schumer been around during the found…


Former rival Rick Perry endorses Mitt Romney

uk.reuters.com - WASHINGTON | Thu Apr 26, 2012 4:27am BST WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Texas Governor Rick Perry, who dropped out of the Republican presidential race in January and initially threw his support to Newt Gin…


Matthew Owens | Mobile, Ala. | Severe Beating | Race

dailycaller.com - The sister of a white Mobile, Alabama man who suffered severe head trauma during a beating by approximately 20 black neighbors on Saturday spoke exclusively to The Daily Caller, saying that the inc…


Gingrich set to quit White House race

skynews.com.au - Newt Gingrich has decided to quit the US presidential race, US media are reporting, paving the way for former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney to be crowned the Republican nominee.Gingrich, forme…


Official Resigns | Fast and Furious | Virgin Islands

dailycaller.com - U.S. Assistant Attorney General Ronald Weich plans to resign his position soon, as two different scandals rage on in which he has provided allegedly misleading information to Congress. Weich, who h…


Obama Administration Tries To Kill The Family Farm

conservativecommune.com - In 1960, the Democratic Party platform included the following in reference to agriculture in the US: “The right of every farmer to raise and sell his products at a return which will give him and hi…


F-35 wrong choice for Arctic, retired colonel argues

nosint.blogspot.com - A retired air force fleet manager fired a salvo at the F-35 Wednesday, saying the strike fighter is ill-suited for Arctic missions and may become obsolete soon after it enters service. Meanwhile, L…


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