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Thursday Afternoon Grumpy Daily Headlines News

elderly man beaten for being white — RT

rt.com – Dallas Watts (Photo: Toledo Blade/Lori King) A 78-year-old Ohio man says he was beaten almost to the point of death by half a dozen teenagers who sought revenge in the killing of Trayvon Martin. Da…


The Separation of Means & Ends

conservativedailynews.com – The country is in moral crisis. The great majority of citizens appear to be aware of the dire situation, even if they do not recognize it in such terms. They may feel powerless to change the cultur…


PepsiCo Ends Partnership With Right-Wing Front Group ALEC

thinkprogress.org – PepsiCo, the world’s second largest beverage company, has ended its partnership with ALEC, the controversial right-wing group that lobbies for voter suppression efforts. Pepsi’s move, which actuall…


Be Sure You’re RIGHT, Then Go Ahead

crockettlives.wordpress.com – Obama says Ronald Reagan would not get through 2012 GOP Primary President Obama told a group of newspaper editors Tuesday that Republican leaders have become so radical that Ronald Reagan would not…


U.S. Taxes Set to Go Up by $494 billion in 2013

blog.heritage.org – Brace yourself. In a mere 271 days, you and your fellow Americans will be hit with a tax hike the likes of which this country has never seen. The Washington Post aptly called the unprecedented $494…


Marion Barry Denigrates “Dirty” Asians

freebeacon.com – AP Images The former D.C. mayor caught with crack-cocaine in a prostitution sting in the 1980s wants to do away with “dirty” Asian businesses. Marion Barry, who served six months in prison for coca…


Dennis Miller Radio: Videos – Video: Miller in the No

dennismillerradio.com – 09:31 AM Apr 5   RT @ChristianDMZ: @biggsjason, Hampton Sides of @NatGeoChannel, @KirkLippold, @jabbottum31 and your calls at 866-509-RANT http://t.co/jZ … 07:06 AM Apr 5   Kudos to @MIttRomney f…


How Does the IDF Celebrate Passover? | IDF Blog

idfblog.com – Every spring, Jewish people around the world celebrate the holiday of Passover, which commemorates the ancient Israelites’ exodus from slavery in Egypt. IDF chefs prepare the Passover matzah. Since…


Obama 2012 and Google: Your Privacy, Diminished

breitbart.com – Obama 2012 and Facebook: Your Privacy, Diminished In which we explained that when it comes to our personal data and information, the primary Privacy concern is – government. The government shouldn’…


Big Executive Bonuses as DOE Keeps Company Afloat

blog.heritage.org – The final part of a three-part series. As Scribe noted in part two of our series on Ecotality, a company spokeswoman claimed in 2010 that federal support for the company was indicative of the succe…



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