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The Secrets of Field Sobriety Tests (and maybe passing)



Have you been drinking tonight, sir? Oh. Crap. If you’re in a car, that’s not a question you want to hear from a man in uniform. And if the answer is yes, you’re in for the worst pop quiz of your life: the field sobriety test.

Look, you should not drive drunk. Ever. No, seriously, not ever. The goal of this piece is not to show you how to beat a field sobriety test—in most cases, no amount of preparation can help you anyway. But you know what? They make for one hell of a drinking game. Try ‘em out for yourself—from the comfort and jail-free safety of you own home. May the best drunk win!

It’s Friday afternoon, you’ve made it through the long week, and it’s time for Happy Hour. Gizmodo’s weekly booze column is a cocktail shaker full of innovation, science, and alcohol. Offisher, I swear, I only hag free drinks.


The Big Three

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has established three tests as the Standardized Field Sobriety Test. You may find a rogue officer who throws something else at you, but because the standardized tests are mostly likely to hold up in court, these are the ones you’ll probably encounter.

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