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Sunday Afternoon Grumpy Daily Headline News


Obama Sees Steep Dropoff in Cash From Major Donors

nytimes.com – President Obama’s re-election campaign is straining to raise the huge sums it is counting on to run against Mitt Romney, with sharp dropoffs in donations from nearly every major industry forcing it…


News from The Associated Press

hosted.ap.org – LONDON (AP) — British media reports say former Bee Gee Robin Gibb is gravely ill with pneumonia in a London hospital. The Sun newspaper reported Saturday that 62-year-old Gibb is in a coma, citing…


Obama lets more of our secrets slide away

teapartynation.com –  Well, there is more good news on the Iranian front.  They have reverse engineered the stealth drone that Obama let fall into their hands back in December. From the Blaze: Iran claimed Sunday that …


The 2013 race for mayor: city hall’s ‘Ray’ of light

nypost.com – The Issue: Calls for NYPD Police Commissioner Ray Kelly to consider running for mayor next year. *** “Ray Kelly for Mayor?” (Editorial, April 17). Why not? New York City could do a lot worse, and i…


Woman dies after drinking 10 liters of Coke a day

foxnews.com – A New Zealand mother of eight has died after drinking 10 liters of Coca-Cola a day, a coroner’s investigation heard.Natasha Harris, 30, suffered a cardiac arrest that her partner believes was broug…


Crony Capitalism Leads to Higher Sugar Prices

blog.heritage.org – Sugar producers contribute only a small percentage of value to overall U.S. crop production, yet the industry continues to reap the rewards from government thanks to a significant lobbying presence…


Top 10 Obama flimflams — California Political Review

capoliticalreview.com – From Human Events: This list of half-truths, sleight-of-hands, and outright lies are a good reason why Obama doesn’t deserve a title more ennobling than huckster-in-chief. 1. Unprecedented shorthan…


The Elephant of Jew hatred

rightsidenews.info – Hatred of Jews is the central animating feature of the political and strategic reality of the Middle East. It is hatred of Jews that dictates the legal regimes, foreign policies, military aspiratio…


Destructive Snowstorm Targets Interior Northeast

weather.com – Severe Threat IncreasingUpdated: April 22, 2012 8:00 am ET The snow season “that largely wasn’t” in the Northeast will be “bookended” by two destructive winter storms. A heavy, wet snowstorm in 201…


Failure to protect secrets damages U.S.

washingtontimes.com – When the Iranian government announced it had downed one of our drones after it penetrated Iranian airspace, our government immediately countered that the drone had been destroyed and there was noth…


Africa sitting on sea of groundwater reserves

reuters.com – By Chris Wickham LONDON | Fri Apr 20, 2012 10:12am EDT LONDON (Reuters) – Huge reserves of underground water in some of the driest parts of Africa could provide a buffer against the effects of clim…


US introduces $60 LED light bulb

bbc.co.uk – 22 April 2012 Last updated at 01:41 LED bulbs should last about 100,000 hours – giving them a life of about 20 years A prize-winning light bulb that lasts for 20 years will go on sale in the US on …


China Says The US Is Bringing War To The South China Sea

businessinsider.com – US NavyThe Obama administration has turned U.S. military attention on China’s neck of the woods by placing more troops in the Philippines since World War II, stationing Marines in Australia, and pr…


After a Certain Point, It’s Not Paranoia

shtfplan.com – The following article has been contributed by Eric Peters. Visit his web site at Eric Peters Autos and follow his regular commentary on politics, world events, and alternative news. “Your” Car Won’…



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