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Sunday Afternoon Grumpy Daily Headline News

Subsidized and Expensive Solar Energy Bites the Dust Again

canadafreepress.com – Crony capitalist green alternative energySolar Trust of America, filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy in Delaware courts—the ninth solar energy company to bite the dust—adding to the previous list of Bright…


Tulsa & Sanford – A Tale Of Two Cities

bearsrant.blogspot.ca – Two days ago, three people were shot and two others wounded in a shooting spree in Tulsa. All of the victims were black and the suspects were white. It was a horrific crime that touched many althou…


Gas prices Hit New Hampshire Cross-Border Sales

breitbart.com – In the immediate sights of would-be revenue-enhancers? The Granite State’s cigarette tax. Last year, New Hampshire took the gutsy step of cutting the tax by ten cents a pack– a small reduction, bu…


The Passover-Easter Sellout | War Stories

foxnews.com – Washington, D.C. — Passover and Easter — intrinsically linked in the Jewish and Christian traditions — are both being celebrated this weekend. For observant Jews, Passover commemorates the Hebre…


Scytl electronic voting system’s massive cyber attack

usamericanfreedom.com – Over the past couple of days I have been posting about the recent decision made that allows our votes to be counted by a foreign based company in Spain called Scytl.  In case you missed the video y…


Mali’s president hands in resignation letter: mediator

reuters.com – BAMAKO | Sun Apr 8, 2012 1:33pm EDT BAMAKO (Reuters) – Mali’s President Amadou Toumani Toure has handed in his letter of resignation, Burkina Faso’s foreign minister, a leading mediator for West Af…


2 suspects arrested in Oklahoma shootings

apnews.com – Published: TodayTULSA, Oklahoma (AP) – Police backed by a helicopter arrested two men early Sunday and said they would face murder charges in the recent shootings that terrorized Tulsa’s black comm…


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