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Monday Afternoon Grumpy Daily Headline News


nypost.com – Warning: You might find this editorial offensive, as it mentions “dancing,” “birthdays,” “dinosaurs” and “movies.”So what’s the big deal?Ask the city’s Department of Education.As The Post reported …


Clinton Won’t Campaign for Obama

weeklystandard.com – Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will not be joining in the effort to reelect President Barack Obama. “Senior administration officials confirmed on Monday that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton …


Introducing the “Obama Rule” | Cato @ Liberty

cato-at-liberty.org – Posted by Neal McCluskey In his latest weekly radio address, President Obama featured what will no doubt be a mainstay of his reelection campaign: the “Buffett Rule,” which says that rich people sh…


Of the Racists, By the Racists, and For the Racists

breitbart.com – First-year law students, mandatorily assigned to the class, stop attending the class, moonlighting instead at other sections of the same course being taught by other professors. As an administrator…


EPA Mandates Cap and Trade 3.0/ Congress Remains Irrelevant

conservativedailynews.com – The Extreme Political Activists, (also known as the EPA, or Environmental Protection Agency) of the Obama administration recently announced new carbon emissions limits for all future coal-fired pow…


The State of Education – Chester E. Finn Jr.

nationalreview.com – Sunday’s New York Times featured an extensive account of why Apple has its iPhones made in China rather than the U.S. The short version is that “the flexibility, diligence and industrial skills of …


Public Opinion Polls Show Opposition to Obamacare

blog.heritage.org – No matter what decision the Supreme Court releases in late June, in the court of public opinion, Obamacare has been a loser since day one. Polls over the last two years have shown the public does n…


DNC Chair Gets Crushed During Radio Spot

therightsphere.com – Pretty sure this isn’t the kind of softball interview DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz was expecting when she went on the air with them this morning. Check it out:Of course she goes right to the …


Articles: Holder’s Revenge

americanthinker.com – Reverse discrimination against whites has just begun, according to Attorney General Eric Holder.  Now, the exploitation of Trayvon Martin’s death has thrown the cycle of racial resentment and favor…


Al-Qaeda ‘plotting another 9/11’ from Afghanistan

telegraph.co.uk – “Al-Qaeda is still present in Afghanistan. If the West decides that 10 years in Afghanistan is too long then they will be back, and the next time it will not be New York or Washington, it will be a…


Sat Spies North Korea Readying Rocket Launch | Danger Room

wired.com – North Korea’s Sohae Satellite Launching Station. Photo: JHU / DigitalGlobe, Inc. North Korea appears to be ramping up preparations for its internationally-condemned mid-April rocket launch, new sat…


Study Refutes Manmade Warming – Global Warming

nation.foxnews.com – America’s Talking ™ All Opinions Welcome The Fox Nation is for those opposed to intolerance, excessive government control of our lives, and attempts to monopolize opinion or suppress freedom of tho…



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