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Goal of Al Gore’s Current TV? ‘Compete with MSNBC

Ed Driscoll

PJ Media

Goal of Al Gore’s Current TV? ‘Compete with MSNBC from the Left’

The left-leaning, JournoList-friendly Politico Website is certainly well-tuned to deliver plenty of news when it comes to Keith Olbermann’s sandbox fight with Al Gore and Joel Hyatt’s Current TV cable channel. But there are a couple of moments in their latest update that are unintentionally hysterically funny for anyone who doesn’t view Gore as “The Goracle” and Olbermann as the one-man savior of cable TV news:

When Al Gore and Joel Hyatt snapped up Keith Olbermann last year following his spectacular exit from MSNBC, they knew what they were getting: a ferociously talented, famously difficult broadcaster with a track record of taking networks to the next level.

But as their

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