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Friday Afternoon Grumpy Daily Headline News

GOP Lawyers Study | Eric Holder | Voter ID Study

dailycaller.com – Republican National Lawyers Association (RNLA) Chairman David Norcross told The Daily Caller that a “desperate” Attorney General Eric Holder distorted a study his group conducted about voter fraud …


Here Comes The Judge | Blog of the Courtier

blogofthecourtier.com – The world in which we live in is becoming less and less formal as each decade proceeds. The fact that I did not have to wear a business suit to work today for example, despite being a member of the…


Koch brothers blamed in Trayvon radio rant

times247.com – by: Tim Graham Thursday, April 12, 2012 Liberal radio host Thom Hartmann Photo Credit:Facebook Liberal radio host Thom Hartmann came unglued over Trayvon Martin on Wednesday, blaming his death on ….


Race War: Black biker gang stab white trucker; police do nothing

fellowshipofminds.wordpress.com- On March 12, 2011, after Obama’s Department of (In)justice ignored feral blacks beating up whites at the Wisconsin State Fair — just as the administration had ignored “Beat Whitey Nite” at the Iowa…


What’s Wrong with a Stay-At-Home Mom?

psychologytoday.com – Hilary Rosen attempted to disparage Ann Romney’s knowledge of economics by saying that Romney never worked a day in her life. How does she know that Ann Romney never worked a day in her life? Find …


Winds of change bear down on Harley-Davidson plants

kansascity.com – YORK, Pa — YORK, Pa. – For a look at what’s to come for Harley-Davidson Inc., the best place to start is the company’s largest motorcycle factory, where change has been described as “leaning into …


Polls show Obama losing white voters in droves

times247.com – by: Josh Kraushaar Friday, April 13, 2012 President Barack Obama speaks at Florida Atlantic University, Tuesday, April 10, in Boca Raton, Fla. Photo Credit:AP/Carolyn Kaster A newly-released FOX Ne…


OMG! MSNBC says Bush was RIGHT about North Korea

usamericanfreedom.com – Published on Apr 13, 2012 by cablenewsguyI was sure GW was going to get blamed for the North Korean‘s defiance of our position on them building nukes and nuke delivery systems but to my surprise GW…


The Democrats’ Fear of Romney’s Little Housewife

frontpagemag.com – On Wednesday, when CNN’s Anderson Cooper noted that “women are seeing jobs come back much more slowly than men are,” and wondered whether there was anything wrong with the Romney campaign reaching …


Fast and Furious Investigation

issues.oversight.house.gov – As facts continue to emerge about a botched gun investigation of Mexican cartels, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder has given the American people reason to doubt his ability to effectively lead the…


Why Liberals Are the New Squares

frontlines2011.blogspot.com – PJ Media – I was amused to read Maureen Dowd’s recent column titled “State of Cool” in the New York Times, calling Hillary Clinton “cool,” because I was about to write just the opposite — not jus…


Hilary Rosen banked millions destroying Napster

dailycaller.com – Prior to her recent assault on Ann Romney, Hilary Rosen led the war on Napster in 2002, The Daily Caller has learned. Publicly available tax documents from 2002, obtained by TheDC, reveal that Rose…



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