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Wednesday Morning Grumpy Daily Headline News

Five Times Mitt Romney Ran Away From The Republican Party

buzzfeed.com – Mitt Romney is on the verge of winning party’s nomination. But back in 1994 and 2002, Romney pitched himself as moderate Republican who broke with party orthodoxy. From the murky depths of the Inte…

The Real ExTex

Obama: $2.50 a Gallon Gas Is a Lie

breitbart.com – On Monday, reporter Greg Warmoth of WFTV asked President Barack Obama what he thought about the GOP claim popularized by Newt Gingrich that, if elected, the price of gas could be brought down to $2…

Rabbi Shifren

The Obama War on Elderly Seniors & Military Retirees

rightsidenews.info – March 10, 2012 By now most of America should know the Obama Administration looks for the easiest targets when it plans to redistribute the taxpayer bounty of America. This has been proven time and …


$1 abortion surcharge in Obamacare | Obamacare | HHS Rules

dailycaller.com – The Department of Health and Human Services has finalized the policies governing state health care exchanges under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, and with it the rules governing ab…

David Desrosiers

Pentagon: Koran Over Constitution

counterjihadreport.com – Almost exactly one year ago,I came across the ISAF website headline,  “The Religious Importance of the Qu’ran,” I wrote: As a well-known sucker for the religious importance of the “Qur’an” — I pref…

Leslie Burt

UN: Iran executes anti-Islam citizens – Atlas Shrugs

atlasshrugs2000.typepad.com – BERLIN – Iran executed 670 people in 2011, including more than 20 for offenses against Islam, a UN investigator said in Geneva on Monday. The vast majority of people Iran executed in 2011 were conv…

Islam’s Tradition of Breaking the Cross

rightsidenews.info – In the recent destruction of Commonwealth war graves in Benghazi, Libya (YouTube Video), you can see not just the desecration of graves, but attacks on crosses.   The radical Muslims who are kickin…


conservativedailynews.com – By Vanessa M. Kyllove, embedded girlilla journalist with the Feminists for Freedom brigade, second battalion, reporting from America’s frontlines for Gender Neutrality Journal. It had been a long, …

CDaily News

Mother’s touch saves baby’s life – Video on TODAY.com

video.today.msnbc.msn.com – >>> an incredible story of a mother who revived her newborn son after being told he would not make it. the family is here for an exclusive interview. fir first, “today” national correspondent amy r…

Jeneva Lynne

Strategy Memo Details Liberal PR Plan to Promote Obamacare

blog.heritage.org – The White House and its liberal allies are planning a comprehensive public-relations campaign for the second anniversary of Obamacare and the Supreme Court oral arguments that will take place later…

Chip Woods

Obama Not Really Proud of Troops but Generally Proud of Troops

maggiesnotebook.com – In the wake of a U.S. soldier killing 12 (or 16) civilians in Afghanistan, and with countless soldiers spending multiple tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan, Obama says he is “proud, generally,” …

Maggie Thornton

Southwest Air does not see Q1 profit due to fuel

reuters.com – (Reuters) – Southwest Airlines Co (LUV.N) does not expect to report a profit for the current first quarter because of high fuel prices, the company’s finance chief said on Tuesday. The carrier, whi…

Reuters Top News

EU, U.S., Japan launch rare earth WTO case against China

reuters.com – WASHINGTON/BRUSSELS (Reuters) – The United States, Europe and Japan joined forces on Tuesday against China’s restrictions on exports of rare earth minerals that are critical to production of advanc…

Reuters Top News

Obama’s New Regulations Cost Billions

canadafreepress.com – If you fly across the country, it’s easy to see signs of America’s ingenuity and productivity — skyscrapers in New York City, steel mills in Pennsylvania, factories in Chicago, farmland in the Grea.

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