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Saturday Morning Grumpy Daily Headline News

7th-Century Teen Found Buried In Her Bed

huffingtonpost.com – LONDON — Archaeologists excavating near Cambridge have stumbled upon a rare and mysterious find: The skeleton of a 7th-century teenager buried in an ornamental bed along with a gold-and-garnet cros…


Obama Foreign Policy Blunders Fueled by Unchecked Ideology

breitbart.com – On the front-page issues, Obama has largely been dragged–by military and political necessity–into reversing course and doing the right thing some of the time: keeping the detention facility at Gu…

Bob Miller

George Stephanopoulos Running Cover for Obama

drinkyourkoolaid.com – Supposedly, Stephanopoulosand Obama attended Columbia University together??? The point is, you have a Democrat political operative turned journalist and somehow were supposed to think that he can b…


Leon Panetta Must Resign – NOW. – The Ulsterman Report

theulstermanreport.com – Does Barack Obama’s Defense Secretary Leon Panetta hold so little trust toward the American military that he would require them to make themselves defenseless inside a war zone when in his presence…

Greg Hedgepath

Obama Opposes FDR’s Prayer at WWII Memorial

drinkyourkoolaid.com – By Brandon Vallorani- The Patriot Update-I am not a big fan of President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s progressive policies. Thankfully, he honored God with the following prayer, which was read to the Na…


Nationalizing Education

blog.heritage.org – Education Secretary Arne Duncan recently said that the idea that the Obama Administration is working to implement national standards and tests “is a conspiracy theory in search of a conspiracy.” Du…


Marxists gang up on Old MacDonald’s Farm

canadafreepress.com – Old MacDonald had a farm.  Until the Marxists stepped in, that is. With the American dream of the Constitutional Republic fast fading from view, the family farm is next on the Obama regime’s ever e…

Bob Miller

RealClearPolitics – Obama Flubs U.S. History — Again

realclearpolitics.com – He wasn’t born in Kenya, and he attended some of this country’s finest schools, but as he demonstrated anew on Thursday, Barack Obama shares with his fellow Americans one of their most dubious nati…

Marty Smith

Exclusive: Saudi oil sales, tanker bookings to U.S. surge

reuters.com – NEW YORK/LONDON (Reuters) – Saudi Arabia is preparing to extend this year’s unexpected surge in oil sales to the United States, according to tanker industry sources and government data, adding to s…

Reuters Top News

Invisible Children Co-Founder Detained: SDPD

nbcsandiego.com – A co-founder for Invisible Children was detained in Pacific Beach on Thursday for being drunk in public and masturbating, according to the San Diego Police Department. Jason Russell, 33,  was alleg…

Drudge Repo


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